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The probate process occurs following the death of an individual, whether they have a will or not. If there is a will, the assets of the individual are distributed as the will specifies. If there is no will, Missouri’s probate law will determine how the deceased assets are administered. Nonetheless, probate isn’t always the route taken when someone dies. Probate comes in to play dependent upon what assets are in the individual’s estate. In layman’s terms, when someone dies, any property still titled in that individual’s name becomes “gridlocked.” Probate basically gets the property “out of the grid” or “out of the individual’s name,” permitting the property to be allotted to the rightful beneficiaries and heirs.

So, What Should You Do?

What you need is an experienced probate and trust lawyer. The Law Offices of BJ Richardson, LLC can help you through the court proceedings affiliated with probate and trust administration. Our firm aids clients who have probate and trust issues in the Springfield vicinity. We provide a broad range of services including probating of wills, estate tax issues, trust administration, and legal counsel for trustees to name a few. The expert service we provide will help you determine which assets require probating, and which assets may have averted probate. After our Springfield based probate attorneys help you break down the precise property to be probated, there are a number of ways that these assets can be probated in Missouri. We have the professionalism and know-how to guide you through the best approach, taking into consideration, the magnitude and nature of the assets concerned.

Have A Realistic Outlook

Our Springfield, Missouri probate professionals have discovered that one of the most crucial elements that add to someone experiencing the ins-and-outs of probate court is the expectations or outlook envisioned at the start of the probate case. Unfortunately, clients can have completely unrealistic outlooks, which is not uncommon, because they are stepping into uncharted waters. Then again, there are those who have zero expectations, and only have inquiries about how the probate court process works.

More often than not, the more realistic outlook you have, the less dissatisfaction you will experience during the probate process. Our attorneys work to set realistic expectations, as well as take the time to explain the process and answer your questions and fears. We help you to understand what is, or what will cause the delays in the process.

Haste can lead to disappointment. This is because the probate courts are designed to work at a snail’s pace and may take a long time before finality is reached.

 There are time restrictions and notice obligations required by Missouri Probate Law. Therefore, time is of the essence, to make all the necessary preparations in order for the court to fulfill all the necessary functions.

Factors that delay

The Probate Process

  • Creditors

  • Real Estate

  • Property Collection, Evaluation, and Liquidation

  • Outside Claims

Don’t Be Discouraged

Being realistic about probate court is not to discourage you. It’s to prepare you for what may lie ahead. Our probate Springfield, MO team will be as expedient and persevering as possible. All the same, do keep in mind that probate can take a while. The fastest way through the probate process is to go by the rules to the letter. At the Law Offices of BJ Richardson, LLC, we help you and others like you steer through the probate court while simultaneously attempting to decrease the time lags and disarray linked with the probate court process. For assistance with your probate case via the State of Missouri, contact our law office to schedule a consultation. We will be pleased to help.

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