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Springfield tax law can be complex. In fact, just late last year (2014) legislation was introduced to inaugurate a comprehensive reassessment of the state tax code and revise the Department of Revenue’s administration of the code itself. This may sound like drivel to you; however, at the Law Offices of BJ Richardson, we’re always on the case. So don’t feel alarmed if you can’t distinguish the complexities that come with understanding the tax laws in Springfield. That’s what we are here for.

There’s no question that taxes are a big part of life, and regardless of how much you may feel hassled by dealing with them, there’s no way around it! You need expertise you can trust. Our law offices have helped many people oversee their tax issues during our years of offering professional tax law services prior to and during our move to the Springfield area. Our field of tax law expertise include trust and estate taxation, gift taxes, contracts, LLC’s, S-corps, and more.

Tax Concerns

Though you may not want to over-pay your taxes, it is crucial that you meet your legal tax responsibilities. Regardless of the nature of your tax issue, getting in contact so that you can better comprehend Springfield tax law will help you assimilate the current tax laws.

Taxes Affect Most Areas Of Life

Tax law impinges on all aspects of life. There is even a type of tax that is imposed on a person’s possessions and holdings at death. This is called a death tax. This encompasses a broad range of issues like inheritance tax, gift tax, estate tax, and other tax forms. Many people try to “work around” such a tax by transferring assets prior to death. However, to curb such deception a “gift tax” was created to prevent out-and-out tax avoidance via this route. The Federal gift tax is merged with the Federal estate tax to prevent individuals from shielding from taxation by “lifetime giving.” In addition, there are some states that even impose an estate tax.

The above information was presented to help you realize how important it is to have a good tax attorney. It’s impossible for someone who has not studied law to put all the pieces together when it comes to dealing with tax issues. That’s what we are here for.

Differing Tax Law Proceedings

Tax law involves a broad range of federal, state, local, and sometimes international tax concerns. The areas of concern could cover tax liens and litigation, income taxes, employment taxes, and tax audits and appeals. Take into account that each state has its own specified group of tax laws. What’s more, owing taxes to the state or IRS should not be taken casually. The reluctance or failure to requite taxes can lead to penalization and substantial interest.

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At the Law Offices of BJ Richardson, we will review your situation and render expert, gradational guidance to correspond with the best solution to solve your tax issue. Springfield tax law is what we know best, and you can breathe easy with our qualified team by your side. Contact our office today and take advantage of our no cost consultation. We guarantee you will go out better informed and more at ease than we you came in!

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