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Tax Law Attorneys

A tax law attorney is an accredited professional who is trained and experienced in dealing with legal matters relating to taxation law. Such an attorney can be of great help to an individual and even to a business organization. A tax lawyer can help you as an individual with; filing personal income tax returns, getting tax reliefs, legal representation in a court of law, and other consultation needs that you may have. For a business, a tax lawyer can come in handy when it comes to filing error-free tax returns, calculating tax deductions, handling tax audits, tax reliefs, handling tax issues related to contracting and international business, plus legal representation in a court of law. All this makes tax attorneys a very important part of our day to day life and using their services is unavoidable.

Tax attorneys are able to help save a lot of time and money that would otherwise be spent trying to maneuver the complex and confusing web of tax law. It is however, very important to choose a tax lawyer that fits your exact needs and one that will be able to properly represent your case. In order to choose the best one, you’ll first need to know the different types of tax lawyers that exist today and their specific roles and areas of specialization.

The different types of tax lawyers are based on the different categories of tax law that exist today. The main types of such attorneys are; tax planning, property tax, corporate tax, civilian tax, tax controversy and bankruptcy tax attorneys. Tax planning attorneys are able to help both individuals and businesses in tax plan formulation, structuring and review. This helps to put financial issues in order to ensure full tax compliance. Property tax lawyers have a specialty in property taxation law. They help in property tax negotiation, property tax audits and filing property income tax. They are also able to represent property owners in court cases.

Corporate tax lawyers are specialized in taxation laws related to business operations such as licensing and transaction laws. A civilian tax attorney on the other hand, is specialized in taxation laws related to personal tax such as income tax. They are usually hired for consultation purposes. Tax controversy lawyers are best equipped in dealing with court cases relating to tax controversies, such as tax evasion, for both individuals and businesses. They have a better understanding of how tax regulatory bodies work which gives them an edge in handling such court cases. The last type of tax attorneys is a bankruptcy tax attorney. This type of lawyers help with filing for bankruptcy and negotiation of tax payments after the declaration of bankruptcy.

All these types of tax lawyers can come together to form a law firm. Such kinds of law firms can either be CPA firms or Hybrid firms. A CPA firm is basically a tax law firm that is made up of tax attorneys and trained accountants. A Hybrid firm is one that is made up of tax lawyers, CPA accountants, taxation law experts and agents from tax regulatory bodies. These two types of firms differ mostly in terms of cost of services and in the number of services offered.

Choosing a specific type of tax attorney is very important because it helps to narrow down your choice to your specific requirements. These different types of tax attorneys are better versed in their technical fields of taxation law and are also usually up to date with changes in the law that may play to your advantage.

Let the professionals at The Law Offices of Bj Richardson help you find the professional attorney to help you with your specific needs. We don’t handle every aspect of tax law, however , we can direct you to a  professional that can handle any area of tax law that we don’t handle.

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